Arts & Design

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NEW! Edible Art And Science

Combing Art and Science and Fun with Food. Hungry for new exploration? We’ll transform the classroom into an Edible science lab and art gallery. Campers start the day learning science basics (life science, biology, solar system exploration and earth sciences) with simple (edible!) experiments. Complete the day with coordinated artistic masterpieces - also edible. A positively delicious week. (Not recommended for campers with food allergies)

XCHLC 307, $319
7/16 – 7/20, 9am-2pm, Grades 2-3

NEW! Down On The Farm

Join in the fun of life on a farm - build your own barn and fill it with clay animals, make a rooster collage, paint a beautiful sunflower on canvas. We will show you how to use different art techniques and mediums with a curriculum that meets National Standards for Art Education. Discovery and self-expression are fundamental to KidzArt programs where creative spirit is nurtured while building friendships and having fun. Proudly present your work at a brief art show on Friday.

XCHLC 289, $319
7/30-8/3, 9am-2pm, Grades 2-4

KIDZART: Fine Art Studio

Clay! Paper Mache! “Glass” sculpture! Love art almost as much as you love summer? At KidzArt Fine Art Studio camp, you’ll make a masterpiece every day as you bring your artistic skills to the next level. Through guided projects, we will show you how to use perspective, color, shading and texture to achieve amazing results in your drawings and paintings. We will explore new and different fine art techniques with curriculum that meets National Standards for Art Education. Proudly present your work at a brief art show on Friday.

XCHLC 274, $319
7/23-7/27, 9am-2pm, Grades 2-5

NEW! Girls Only - Crafting and Building Design

Crafting and building abilities combine to bring your imagination and ideas to fruition. Develop the hands-on creative process skills to create the world you envision using a variety of LEGO® basic and technic bricks. Design models that move using motors and remote controls. Create multi-level buildings, country houses with landscaping, castles, jewelry, drawing machines and more. Learn how to design and build new forms from concept to creation.

XCHLC 290, $319
7/9-7/13, 9am-2pm, Grades 3-5

NEW! Young Architects

Stacked, overlap and stagger are a few of the techniques used by LEGO designers to create original minifig scale models. Further your skills using basic 2x2 and 2x4 bricks and take a hands-on history lesson building pyramids, castles, suspension bridges, the Eiffel Tower, the Empire State Building, and the famous Ferris Wheel, just to name a few. Continue to the next level of creating using technic pieces that allow movement using gears, pins, axles and motors. Explore what gears do and get to the bottom of the “gear ratio” and how friction and non-friction influence movement. Campers will present an
original design on Friday.

XCHLC 291, $319
8/6-8/10, 9am-2pm, Grades 4-6

NEW! Watercolor Studio

Learn the basics of mixing colors, explore new watercolor techniques, and practice your drawing skills. Bring a favorite object (or an image of it) and use your newly learned skills to paint its image. Through daily projects, you will learn how to draw (your chosen object or alternate choice) and use proper
watercolor techniques to achieve a realistic, fun final painting. You will be encouraged to use your imagination, creativity, and artistic knowledge to present a painting that you can’t wait to show off!

XCHLC 292, $319
8/13-8/17, 9am-2pm, Grades 5-7

Ceramics and Sculpture Combo

Get your hands dirty this summer and develop creative skills while you design and build some unique 3D studio art pieces. Camper projects include papier mache’ sculpture, plaster masks, and ceramic works including a more-than-decor bowl and mug that can be used for food and drink! Explore a variety of art materials and methods and create personal art pieces you’ll enjoy for years to come.

XCHLC 224, $319
Section 1: 7/9 - 7/13, 9am-2 pm, Grades 5-7
Section 2: 7/16 - 7/20, 9am-2 pm, Grades 6-8

TEENZART: Fine Art Studio

Capturing the passion and imagination of older artists, this camp provides quality art instruction that mixes technique and skill building with opportunities for creative freedom and self-expression. Big plans include painting, sculpture, watercolor, pastels, printmaking and mixed media with projects that pack a lot of WOW! TeenzArtists will be encouraged to work together to learn, design, think, and create in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. Proudly present your work at a brief art show on Friday.

XCHLC 275, $319
8/6-8/10, 9am-2pm, Grades 6 & Up

NEW! Fashion Design

Get ready for the runway! Learn, design and create with our new fashion design camp located in Brookdale’s fashion design studio. Begin the fundamentals of fashion illustration and drawing the basic fashion croqui (figure). Use mediums such as colored pencil, marker, water color, and gouache, see your designs come to life – just like the pros. Learn the basic fundamentals of sewing, expressed through a small take-home project.

XCHLC 293, $319
7/16-7/20, 9am – 2pm, Grades 7-8

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